ICON is invested in bringing safe, effective, paediatric-tested treatments to children. We’ve contributed to the approval of 20 paediatric medicinal products.

Clinical research in paediatric populations faces different challenges and requires experienced development experts for study success. Our medical team comprises 25 board-certified paediatricians and physicians who cover the full scope of paediatric clinical development.

Our infrastructure allows us to implement comprehensive development strategies in conjunction with our sponsors. We don’t wait until paediatric programs are time-critical—we consider paediatrics from the start of adult development programs, increasing the efficiency of the program and saving our sponsors time and money.

Paediatric experience over the past five years

We provide support from early engagement all the way to approval.

In the past 5 years, we have participated in 301 clinical studies involving paediatric patients

  • 156+

    Clinical sites
  • 43+

    Non-clinical projects
  • 14,565+

    Paediatric patients
  • 7,357+


Our global scientific network has extensive experience in paediatric clinical practice and paediatric clinical development. We bring our knowledge, expertise, and passion to deliver successful study strategy and study support at all stages of program development.

Experience in all facets of paediatric drug development

We leverage a data-driven approach and many years of development experience to provide practical support for study design, feasibility, protocol development, and further paediatric study-related specificities. We provide operational training and support for all paediatric disease conditions, based on a deep knowledge of the global paediatric development landscape.

Our team contains diverse therapeutic specialties and experience, retaining the most experience in clinical development in the following therapeutic areas:

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Beyond ICON’s in-house expertise, we created the Paediatric Site Network—a select group of internationally-recognised paediatric centres and medical professionals worldwide, who share the common goal of advancing treatments for children.

This team accesses the latest insights into paediatric clinical care and builds strong relationships with paediatric centres across the globe. Collaboration is key to bringing the best treatments to children.

Family-centred clinical development

Clinical research doesn’t just involve the child, it involves the whole family. We lessen the burden of participation for patients and their families by implementing decentralised clinical trials, in-home clinical services, and other strategies that improve the patient/family experience.

We ensure assents and consents are understandable for children and their parents, engage children in the research conversation, and work closely with patient advocacy groups. We also partner with innovative organisations to ensure our studies are optimised for study success and family engagement.

Our central focus is the safety and best interest of our patients and their families.

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