We work with you to identify the best solution to your unique study challenges

Our clients tell us that our willingness to seek innovative ways to respond to unique situations is a major reason they select ICON Central Laboratories as their service provider. Here’s an example of how we helped a client find that one best way to solve a special study challenge.

The Challenge: when pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies conduct clinical trials in oncology, infectious disease and other therapeutic areas involving more acutely ill study subjects, they often face special challenges. Collecting and cleaning local laboratory results is resource intensive; reactive; re-iterative; and prone to rework. 

The Solution: as an innovator, we responded to this unique challenge and worked with a large global pharmaceutical company to see what we could do to make this process easier, less resource-intensive, and streamlined. This is how iRIS (ICON Results Integration Services) came to be.

iRIS provides full service management of local laboratory data with a central result repository and point of coordination.

The system uses ICON Central Laboratories’ core competencies to help sponsors:

  • Compile and concurrently clean local laboratory result data
  • Better monitor the clinical status of study subjects
  • Receive local lab reports from sites around the world
  • Obtain timely, secure access to local lab data in useable formats
  • Expedite data analysis for regulatory submission

iRIS services

iRIS is truly a full service offering, providing comprehensive support to local laboratory data management, including:

  • Investigative site setup and management
  • Established systems built to capture demographic and study specific requirements
  • IT infrastructure with worldwide toll free faxing
  • Imaged file management
  • Entry of results from imaged source data by lab experienced staff
  • Built in system checks for logical results
  • Mapping of results from performing laboratory
  • Laboratory results and ranges sent to Sponsor
  • Management of local laboratory certifications and accreditations
  • Metrics and tracking reports

iRIS provides full service management of local laboratory data