The use of biometrics has become increasingly important in recent years in clinical trials and drug development, as clinical data has grown in complexity and in volume.

ICON is playing an industry leading role in the move from traditional data management to more sophisticated clinical data science. Our biometrics teams include dedicated data scientists and data analysts who work closely to develop and build clinical data systems to accurately collect, ingest, and review study data in a way that is best for the protocol at hand and supports efficient data flow.

This focussed approach on the statistical analysis and interpretation of biological data, ensures that your study data is accurate and of the highest integrity, and drives efficiency in other areas, including:

  • Optimised study design
  • Improved patient enrolment and retention
  • Increased data accuracy and integrity
  • Enhanced safety monitoring

Improved efficiency and cost-effectiveness through automation

As clinical study data complexity has evolved, with data from multiple data sources, including EDC systems, patient sensors, electronic patient reported outcomes (ePRO), lab systems, and other third-party vendors, so has the level of risk.

Our sophisticated clinical data risk platform applies machine learning and artificial intelligence to allow data review data on multiple levels, whether at the item level, patient level, regional level, site level, or the overall study level. This provides you with rapid and meaningful insights into data trends to quickly identify potential risks and take proper action.

With our solutions, sponsors ensure the accuracy and integrity of their data while also improving the efficiency of their studies.

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