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Commercial Positioning

Integrated solutions to position your product for global success

Our integrated market access, pricing, communications and health economics experts provide strategic guidance and tactical solutions to demonstrate the value of your product and support brand success around the globe. We help pharma, device and biotechnology companies at every stage of development, from endpoint selection and PRO development, through clinical trials, to post-approval and scientific publication.

Latest on pricing & market access

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Real world evidence is driving healthcare and research discussions and decisions among regulators, payers, providers, and patients. ICON delivers an integrated solution to deliver the value and safety evidence these stakeholders demand.

Services built upon the heritage of the industry's most respected health outcomes organisations

Effective set up, management, and closure

Cross functional teams for innovative RWE strategies and late phase research

Delivering efficiency in study design

Resources and expertise to achieve product authorisation, accelerate market access, and drive product adoption

Using an industry leading FSP Delivery Platform™