Enabling more cost-effective and timely product & drug development programs

Building on a wealth of experience and specialized expertise, ICON enables sponsors to implement product development and drug development programs that are intelligently designed, cost effective and timely – while also taking into account the practical considerations of translating a plan into action. Our consultants have wide-ranging experience across all key elements required to build a robust drug development strategy. Our experience, gained through hands-on drug development and applied through our project team approach, provides clients with expert leadership and management in the development of therapeutic products.

ICON program management experts guide cross-functional networked teams in the conception, refinement and conduct of product development with a global perspective. Our understanding of the full lifecycle of product development and knowledge of the current landscape means we are well placed to explore and execute traditional and alternative development strategies. Our team-based and collaborative approach encourages efficient use of valuable resources and progression of projects in a wide spectrum of therapeutic areas.

Smart drug development

We believe that “smart” development is only possible by defining a clear product strategy starting from early phase consulting, designing a focused intelligent development plan, and careful planning and management of the implementation. ICON brings clients the expertise and experience of a full product team – with members chosen for their therapeutic area and drug development knowledge – to achieve this goal.

We have experience across a range of therapeutic areas with an emphasis on oncology, CNScardiovascular, respiratory, endocrinology infectious disease and rare diseases. We also maintain close links with key opinion leaders and regulators.

Comprehensive clinical product development services and support

Our experts provide guidance, support and services over the entire development process, including:

  •  Assembly of internal and external experts specific to the project and to meet client’s needs
  • Full development strategy designed in partnership with the client
  • Engagement with key opinion leaders (KOLs) early and often
  • Development of a rational development plan
  • Defining clear decision points and contingency plans
  • Ensuring cross-functional collaboration
  • Development of risk management and mitigation strategy
  • Development and management of cross-functional project plans, budgets and timelines
    • Provide routine status reports
    • Monitor activities against project plans
    • Maintain accountability within the project team
  • Communication plans within the project
  • Development of a target product profile to help meet scientific & funding milestones
  • Selection and management of scientific & clinical advisory boards, including protocol design groups
  • Due diligence