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Clinical Research Services

Providing clients with a flexible approach to improve cycle times, constrain costs and reduce risks. Specialising in the planning, management, execution, and analysis of Phase II-III clinical trials.

Pressures such as stricter regulations, changing technologies and globalisation are stressing current operational models and information infrastructure to the limits. As these pressures intensify, applying the right methodology to anticipate the challenges that arise during the course of clinical trials is the only way to increase project success.

Other ICON Clinical Research Services include:


Innovative clinical trial designs that take advantage of our in depth statistical expertise.


Clinical Supplies Management

Our team of dedicated clinical supplies managers will ensure the most appropriate and cost effective IP management service for your trial.


Data Management

Fast delivery of high quality and meaningful data means that you can make well informed decisions earlier in the trial. This also ensures patient protection and reliable trial results.


Decentralised and hybrid clinical solutions

Decentralised and hybrid clinical solutions bring the clinical trial to the patient with innovation and in-home solutions.


Endpoint Adjudication Services

Endpoint Adjudication can help to lower the risk of variation in important clinical trial outcome events for submission to regulatory agencies.


Interactive Response Technology

Providing effective IRT solutions for patient enrollment, randomisation, dosing and clinical supplies management.


Investigator Payments

Timely and accurate Investigator payments are critical for keeping sites motivated and driving site performance in a study.


Medical Affairs

Experienced physicians and clinical research professionals support the planning, conduct, and evaluation of clinical trials.


Medical Writing & Publishing

Medical and regulatory documentation developed by experienced medical writing teams plays a pivotal role in the success of a clinical research project.


Regulatory Affairs

Sound regulatory strategies critically important in the ever evolving regulatory environment of clinical trials.


We are raising the bar in clinical excellence. By focusing on metrics that matter we are already delivering economic value to our clients. Our experience ranges from small studies to large, complex, multinational projects.

Our experienced teams and technologies are there to help you throughout your study. You will be supported by:

Professionally trained project managers

Holistic, integrated approach

Industry leading technology, including ICONIK for real time data analytics

Industry leading technology, including ICONIK for real time data analytics

Governance models suited to your individual priorities

Using an industry leading FSP Delivery Platform™

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