Robert Bauer, PhD & Brian Sadler, PhD

Course Objectives:

The objective of this course is to introduce the basic concepts of population pharmacokinetics (PK)/ pharmacodynamics (PD) and NONMEM analysis. The course is targeted to individuals interested in learning to solve population pharmacokinetic problems, and we have prepared the course in a general manner as to include a wide background of participants.  

The course will demonstrate how NONMEM, using the graphical user interface software PDx-Pop, can be used to solve practical population PK/PD problems, using a hands-on format with specific examples. This allows participants to work through the problems with the instructor, to develop a thorough understanding of the software and to establish confidence in applying the software to population pharmacokinetic problems. 

Attendees will be instructed on the basic theory of mixed effects analysis, receive hands-on instruction of creating PK and PD models in NONMEM, learn to manage projects using PDx-POP, a graphical user interface software specifically designed for NONMEM, develop covariate models, and implement various graphical and statistical methods for validating models using PDx-POP's supplementary statistical and graphical tools. 

After attending this course, the participate will understand the fundamentals of population analysis; be able to run NONMEM with PDx-Pop; know how to apply some of the methods used to perform population analysis; know how to explore, develop, and evaluate population models; know how to estimate the mean pharmacokinetic (PK) and/or pharmacodynamic (PD) parameters in a population of patients; and be able to investigate and identify fixed effect sources of variability (covariates) which influence the PK and PD of a drug.

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This course and the Advanced course are part of one series. Interested parties may register for the first two days, the third day, or both courses. 


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