The industry has witnessed a rapid evolution of manufacturer-health care decision maker engagement, and changes to information exchange and information-seeking behaviors introduced by the pandemic appear to be here to stay. Understanding nuanced stakeholder needs, preferences, and best practices is critical to the development of tailored strategies that will optimize communications.

Healthcare decision makers from 56 payer organizations and 45 institutions were surveyed for their preferences related to meetings and gathering product information. In this webinar, hear these results as well as live payer perspectives from a former medical director and a pharmacy director:

  • Understand how payer customers seek to gain product information
  • Understand what types of formats are ideal for information sharing with payers and how these preferences have evolved
  • Understand which types of information and which roles have increasing impacts on decision-making
Earlene Biggs

Earlene Biggs, MA

VP of Market Research and Analytics

Gary Owens

Gary Owens, MD

VP Pricing, Market Access and Reimbursement

Renee Fleming

Renee Fleming, RPh, MBA

SVP, Pricing, Market Access and Reimbursement