Many new data are emerging in recent years - real time data collected through digital health technologies, including apps and wearables, monitoring data, social media data, public datasets and patient organisation data, in addition to primary and secondary datasets.

Real life data are highly informative and can be used to address a range of challenges throughout the product life cycle. Data from social media can generate valuable insights as patients often gather in digital communities to get answers and share their experiences. Conversations on social networks merit special consideration as they can have real world influence over treatment management decisions.

Social media data can reveal the motivations that impact patient healthcare decisions and behaviours through each stage of the care pathway. These data provide both the patient and caregiver perspectives at the same time. For this reason, conversations on social networks offer an opportunity to deepen our understanding on:

  • The fears and hopes associated with patient treatments
  • Daily needs and difficulties patients are facing in managing their disease
  • The impact of disease on patient health related quality of life
  • Identification in real life of the stages of the care pathway and patient perceptions
  • Reactions to health policies

Join us for insights on how to collect, use, analyse and interpret social media data in different contexts. Our experts will share knowledge from over fifteen years of successfully developing and adapting algorithms to treat this kind of data.

Key topics:

  • The why, when, what and how of social media data use
  • Different types of successful projects using this data
  • How to think critically about its use
  • The do’s and don’ts on communicating social media data results
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Elodie de Bock

Elodie de Bock

Senior Principal - ICON plc

Elodie de Bock combines more than 15 years’ experience in life sciences and health research, with significant expertise in the analysis of clinical outcomes assessments (COA) data. At ICON, she leads the Patient Centred Outcomes (PCO) Quantitative Centre of Excellence.

Valentin Barbier

Valentin Barbier

Research Associate II - ICON plc

Valentin Barbier joined the Patient Centred Outcomes (PCO) team at ICON in 2019. In his role, he performs analyses of clinical outcomes assessments (COA) data from clinical and epidemiological studies, with significant expertise in Natural Language Processing that he applies to extract information from qualitative patient interviews.

Adel Mebarki

Adel Mebarki

General Manager and Cofounder – Kap Code

Adel Mebarki has both technical and managerial skills acquired through his engineering and business school degrees. Adel has more than nine years of experience in projects related to Big Data and artificial intelligence. His work has made him a recognized expert in the world of digital health.

Joelle Malaab

Joelle Malaab

International Project Manager - Kap Code

Joelle Malaab has extensive experience in the areas of management, health policies, and social and behavioral sciences. After many years of working directly with patients, she continued her path in the health sector, specifically managing public health projects.


This webinar will be particularly useful for cross-functional teams engaged in clinical research, including executives, directors and project leaders from pharma and biotech involved in clinical research conduct. Specific roles include:

  • Research and development
  • Clinical operations
  • Clinical science
  • Outcomes researchers
  • Medical affairs
  • Marketing