A platform-based approach to address the functional and technical complexities of RWE and harness the real-world datasets across the pharma value chain

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With the increasing drug development cost, shift from volume to value-based pricing, and competition from generics and biosimilars, pharma and life science organizations are looking towards real world evidence (RWE) to prove the value – cost, safety, and effectiveness of their medicinal products.

However, the current real-world data comes in structured and unstructured format, in various data standards, and is laden with varied data quality issues.

Key insights include:

  • Understand the key business use cases and stakeholders of RWE
  • Gather an industry perspective on RWE and its impact on entire pharma value chain
  • Learn the current challenges and the need for a platform based approach
  • Understand the current state of RWE analytics implementation and associated complexity
  • Understand RWE business problem with respect to observational research
  • Get an overview of a platform-based approach to harness real-world datasets for observational research

Key speakers

  • Jim Carroll, MBA - Vice President, Real World Evidence, Commercialisation & Outcomes, ICON
  • Jeffrey Springer - Vice President, CitiusTech, Inc.
  • Kristi Jones - Director of Product Management, CitiusTech, Inc.

Target audience

This webinar is intended for pharmaceutical professionals working in:

  • Real world evidence
  • Health economics and observational research
  • Epidemiology
  • Late stage development

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