Robotic Process Automation (RPA) are specialised computer programs that automate and standardise processes based on rules-based algorithms.


ICON has been introducing digital automation into the drug and device development process to transform trials by increasing efficiency, and reducing time and costs to battle declining ROI. In this joint webinar with leading RPA vendor UiPath, learn how ICON uses RPA to automatically:

  • Capture routine clinical and operational data
  • Collect operational data, such as drug administration dose and time
  • Test data to flag safety issues, such as an out-of-range lab result
  • Assess potential data entry errors, such as duplicated or missing data points 
  • Detect potential protocol deviations, such as emergence of a non-random variation trend
  • Forwarding clean data to the trial master file, and alerting trial monitors to anomalies


Thomas O’Leary

Chief Information Officer, ICON plc

Francis Donohue

Technical Customer Success Manager, UiPath