Join industry experts for a compelling series of panel discussions exploring the significant opportunities and challenges in cell and gene therapies.

During this three-session series, cell and gene therapy (CGT) experts will discuss the important clinical trial considerations for these revolutionary therapies, including implementing novel development strategies, adopting strategies early in development to keep long-term production and commercialization goals on track, and addressing key clinical trial concerns when considering CGT for broader indications.

Implementing novel development strategies for CGT clinical trials

July 21, 2021 | 10:00 am ET

CGT holds significant promise to advance patient treatments. As shown by recent trends, such as the growing interest in CAR T-cell therapy and mRNA gene editing, CGT is the future. Despite its potential, CGT often does not progress from the lab to commercial markets. This is in part due to the unique requirements of working with these technologies, and the new challenges they present to clinical trials.

This roundtable will review the necessary considerations and logistics of conducting CGT trials, and how sponsors and service providers can optimize their clinical research to maximize the prospect of success.

The importance of early planning in CGT commercialisation

August 25, 2021 | 10:00am ET

Successful clinical trials have shown industry stakeholders the value cell and gene therapy (CGT) offers patients now and as the path of future medicine. Despite the clinical benefits, CGT has not yet achieved significant market penetration. In addition to struggling with production roadblocks, companies also face pricing issues and a global healthcare system unprepared for CGT roll out.

This roundtable will identify successful strategies that underpin currently-marketed therapies and examine how establishing a framework early in development helps keep long-term production and commercialization goals on track.

Navigating the future of CGT: The potential for broader indication

September 16, 2021 | 10:00am ET

With CGT already providing life-changing options to patients worldwide, the science used for treatments that have already been approved offer a foundation for developing therapeutics to target many other conditions. Just as off-label drug use is credited with a number of successful healthcare initiatives, similar positives are becoming increasingly likely in the CGT space.

This roundtable will explore the significant opportunities and challenges posed by CGT clinical trials, and how a CRO partner may be uniquely placed to help a pharma innovator navigate them. When there is potential for trials in larger indications where scaling up to meet demand may be required, what are the key considerations and what experience do CROs offer.