How RWE Continues to Shape the Late Phase Research Landscape

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Real world evidence (RWE) has been at the cornerstone of late phase research, providing stakeholders with answers on a product’s long-term safety, on which therapies are most effective in a real world setting, or on which treatment protocol is optimal.  As technology and data availability advance, the way those questions are answered can become more efficient and targeted. Identifying and deploying a targeted data strategy can be an effective way to meet the goals and objectives for a product or study. 

Opportunities are beginning to abound for the application of technology driven solutions to meet those late phase research objectives.  Creating a comprehensive RWE strategy demands a focus on organizing and synthesizing the many real world data (RWD) asset options that are available to life sciences companies. A fit-for-purpose RWE technology platform can serve as the foundation upon which to deliver maximum value from the aggregation of RWD sources. With big data solutions advancing to the forefront of the healthcare ecosystem, having access to a technology platform capable of generating a continuum of insights is paramount.

Key Insights

This webinar will discuss how the availability of varied and robust data assets is shifting the late phase research landscape. Now more than ever, the ability to make intelligent, strategic decisions based on real world evidence is becoming more accessible and readily doable with the right tools. Attendees will gain valuable insights on:

  • The increase in availability of big data from primary and secondary sources and how it is shifting the research landscape
  • The strategic initiatives needed to identify which datasets can answer your research objectives and how to bring them together into one platform
  • The development of a fit-for-purpose RWE technology platform to maximize value from your data assets
  • Applying these tactics to an innovative use case

Bill Row, MBA, MS

Divisional Principal, Real World Evidence, ICON

Holly Watts

Project Director, Real World Evidence, ICON

Target Audience

This webinar is intended for pharma, biotech and medical device professionals working in the areas of:

  • Real World Evidence
  • Market Access
  • Pricing and Contracting
  • Technology/RWE IT
  • Epidemiology
  • Health Outcomes and Observational Research (HEOR)

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