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Central Nervous System

Insights on the major trends in aging disorders and pain conditions including the development of targeted therapies in clinical trial designs and patient care.

Expert opinions on innovative processes include protocol design, site training, and real time data quality analysis in central nervous systems.

Challenges and opportunities in traumatic brain injury clinical trials

Traumatic brain injury trials

The manifestations and effects of TBI are varied and impact diverse populations. To improve prevention and therapy, we need to conduct further clinical research to evaluate and validate better strategies for diagnosis and disease characterisation. A better understanding of how TBI — mild and severe — manifests, can lead to better identification of biomarkers, and the development of prevention and treatment strategies.

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Parkinson's Disease Trials - Challenges & Opportunities

Key considerations for Parkinson’s disease trials

While there are many advances in Parkinson’s Disease (PD), such as identification of new biomarkers to measure disease progression, valuable insights in study design coming from Alzheimer’s Disease trials, and creative approaches for patient recruitment, challenges still remain in this therapeutic area.

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Key considerations in chronic pain clinical trials

Key considerations in chronic pain clinical trials

There has been an increased prevalence of lifetime substance abuse, creating an urgent need for innovative pain medications without the use of opioids. Unfortunately, clinical development of non-opioid pain medications has been hindered by a massive placebo-response.In our whitepaper, we discuss the aspects of pain studies that sponsors will need to consider to ensure success of their chronic pain trial model.

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Blogs, media article and webinar insights in central nervous system and Alzheimer's disease

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Please visit ICON's Preference Centre and select 'CNS, Pain and Ageing related disorders' under 'Therapeutic Areas of Interest' to receive new insights on rare and orphans diseasesCNs, Pain and Ageing related disorders..

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CNS, Pain and Ageing related disorders

ICON’s experience of CNS, Pain and Ageing related disorder studies comprises global and regional clinical research in all major areas of neurology, psychiatry and pain research, and all phases of clinical drug development. Read more about ICON's services.

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