Managing Clinical Trial Training

Establishing a training plan for all site and study staff is standard procedure for every clinical study. For regulatory compliance, sponsors need to track and provide documented evidence that allocated training has been completed by relevant team members.

In a typical Phase III clinical trial, this can involve quite a significant amount of work:

  • 10,000 Training Records
  • 1,000 People
  • Over a 3-4 year period
  • Up to 200 locations across multiple countries

Top 5 Reasons

Why you should consider using a Learning Management System in Clinical Trials

While many organisations use a learning management system for managing internal training requirements, these are generally not developed to meet the regulatory requirements for a clinical trial.

Centralising and tracking training requirements for all your trials through a learning management system, that is designed to make it easier for site and study staff, will help your team and bring real bene ts to your clinical studies.

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