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A message from our CEO

A message from our CEO

Our commitment to our people and our responsibility towards the environment and our community has always been an intrinsic element of our values and goals. Environmental, social and governance (“ESG”) considerations are integrated into the policies that govern our business. We are committed to enhancing our ESG strategy and we have developed the 2019 ESG Report in order to enhance the reporting of these efforts. We are committed to building and developing our ESG strategies and reporting in future years.

During 2020, the COVID-19 pandemic has created unprecedented healthcare, economic and social challenges that we are all continuing to contend with. ICON is deeply committed to keeping our people, patients and communities safe and adapting our operations to keep clinical trials on track in the evolving COVID-19 environment. Our OwnIt@ICON culture has been evident right across the business – we are facing the challenges of the pandemic as one team, we are continuing to deliver for our customers and for patients and I am very proud of our people and their determination and resilience.

Steve Cutler
Chief Executive Officer

ESG Committee

ICON established an ESG Committee in 2019 in order to bring together all of our existing initiatives and efforts under one umbrella to ensure consistency, enhance monitoring, reveal areas for development and facilitate reporting to the Board. The ESG Committee is focused on developing our strategy and initiatives relating to the environment, social matters, health and safety, community engagement, corporate governance, sustainability and other public policy matters relevant to the company. The ESG Committee is chaired by ICON’s Chief Administrative Officer (“CAO”) who is responsible for reporting to the ICON executive leadership team and Board on ESG matters.

The ESG Committee is a cross-functional management committee of ICON with representation from Facilities, Corporate Communications, Finance, Legal, Investor Relations and Human Resources departments. The Committee supports executive management and the Board of ICON plc in:

  • Determining and setting the strategy relating to ESG matters
  • Developing, implementing and monitoring initiatives and policies based on that strategy
  • Communicating our strategies and initiatives and their results
A culture of ownership

A culture of ownership

Our culture is a distillation of the best of what we have long been, combined with the best we can become. It is a shared sense of what we stand for individually and collectively that makes us different as a company, enables us to become a better partner to our customers and helps us to fulfil our mission to advance and improve life.

‘Own It @ ICON’ is a statement that sits at the very heart of our culture, encouraging our people to seize the opportunity and bring flexibility, innovation and determination to every situation. We believe our culture of ownership personifies who we are as a company and helps us to apply our expertise, collaborate to get things done and enhance our mission to advance life. 


Central to our culture are our four core values.

Accountability and delivery

We take pride in what we do and responsibility for our actions, owning the potential of each project. We are relentless in our pursuit to exceed customer expectations. We never give up and consistently challenge the status quo to look for better ways to apply innovation to deliver successful outcomes. 



We are one team. True collaboration moves beyond the power of one to the power of the team. At ICON, collaboration is key to better brainstorming, increased innovation and is the foundation for what makes our teams successful as we fulfill our mission. 


We partner with our customers. We are a company that builds strong relationships forged on trust and understanding of our customers’ problems. Our people are known for their flexibility and determination to do more, and to go further to deliver excellence in every situation. Every partnership continually evolves with our clients’ needs. 


We do the right thing. ICON is a business with an impressive history built on integrity and responsibility. We have a strong moral code and intuitively know and understand what doing the right thing means. We drive a can-do spirit into everything we do and that means we are open to debate, open to challenge and open to change.

Health - positively impacting millions of lives.

Health - positively impacting millions of lives.

Health is at the core of our mission. At ICON we have built our reputation on enduring partnerships that are driven to advance medicine and make a difference in the world. In 2019 ICON worked on over 350 clinical studies involving over 61,000 patients. Additionally we contributed to the development of 17 new drugs in areas such as cardiovascular, oncological, diabetic/metabolic, infectious diseases, gastrointestinal diseases and hematology. We are evolving clinical trials to be more patient centric, which includes data collection and analysis directly from patient’s digital devices.

We have extensive experience working with multi-national public health organizations including in Sub-Saharan Africa. Our expertise extends across basic and applied research, infectious and neglected tropical diseases, oncology, vaccines development and testing and the response to biothreats. 

ICON is committed to helping solve global health issues through enhancing capabilities in vaccines and infectious diseases and accelerating the delivery of effective medicines.

ICON's work in 2019:

  • 350

    Clinical studies
  • 61,000

  • 17

    New drugs approved
A story of growth.

A story of growth.

From a small team of 5 people in Dublin, Ireland in 1990, ICON now employs over 15,250 people across 94 locations in 40 countries.

We’ve experienced year-on-year organic growth, bolstered through a number of strategic acquisitions which have broadened, or added scale to, our service portfolio.